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Enhance your space with metallic creativity.

Our unique product range is designed to allow you to indulge in a variety of artistic metallic effects to complement your vision. Whether it's sculpting brand logos, feature walls or coating your entire space with a decorative finish, we have a product fit for any project.

Looking for some inspo? Let's take a moment to inspire your next project.

Cool Fusion

Cool and enticing, opaque and lustrous, this unique look combines the depths of metal textural effects to exceptionally elevate your artistic space.

Composed of 75% of real metal, this unique finish can be troweled on to create its desired look. Available in four different colour versions: bronze, copper, zinc and brass.

Cool Fusion
Project: Custom | Applicator: TXTURE


A product that is comprised of a paste of extremely thin Grassello with silver, gold or bronze metallics, which gives a prestigious pearlescent reflection in a Venetian Stucco effect.

This fusion of intense metallic edges and subtle shimmer reflections is key to illuminating any artistic space.

You can find Murano in our Venetian Plaster range on our website.

Murano | Colour: Bronze


Glimmerputz is a textural experience to inspire, with metallic flecks interwoven through its smooth, matt finish. The natural stone shades complement interior and exterior spaces, blending soft textures to capture the essence of modern elegance and nostalgic comfort.

Colour personalisation allows Glimmerputz both fits in and stands out to any living space.

To view more projects, visit Glimmerputz in our Marmorino range.

Project: Calce Company HQ | Applicator: DM Applications

CHIC Heritage

Extend the sensory experience of metallics beyond interior limitations, with the unique design of CHIC Heritage. Dynamic light refractions from within a sand-blasted finish are designed to perform aesthetically, while maintaining a resilient formula.

As the only metallic glaze suitable for both interior and exterior use in Australia, CHIC Heritage is suited to a broader range of commercial and residential spaces than most decorative metallic finishes.

If you would like to view our full range of Venetian Plaster, visit our website.

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