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Calce Company’s comprehensive training courses are carefully structured to give you the knowledge and skills you need to apply our products correctly, achieving the ideal result every time. 

Calce Company Courses
Calce Company Courses
Calce Company Courses
Training with Calce Company will leave you with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate as a qualified Applicator of our products. 

offering FOUR
different types of courses

Each course runs over a two-day period, combining theoretical and practical components for a hands-on, detailed experience. While each course maintains this same structure, products and techniques differ between each course.


training facilities

Our state-of-the-art training facility in Sydney is designed to provide the most immersive learning experience possible, whilst accomodating the various types of courses




This course is designed to teach the majority of our product range focusing on the appropriate preparation processes, application techniques, coat times, and sealing. 

Calce Company Courses



The masterclass is designed to expand on the All Things Calce Course, for those that are passionate about learning more niche finishes such as rust, metal, stencil and concrete effects. 

Calce Company Courses



A dedicated bathroom training course that is a fast paced, so we recommend only booking if you have prior knowledge in Venetian Plaster. This course will run through the product range suitable for wet areas and their appropriate preparation process, application techniques, coat times, and sealing. 



forcrete training

An industry-leading Microcement training that provides a comprehensive and hands-on experience. The intense four day course is uniquely designed to allow practical learning on the Forcrete products, whilst expanding knowledge in the field of Microcement applications. 



I completed my first training course with Aronne at the Wollongong Studio in 2019. This was a bathroom application training course that was very thoroughly planned in the correct procedures to apply the applicable products in different bathroom scenarios. I left there with the knowledge and inspiration to start my decorative finishes business. I have since attended another decorative training course with Tony in QLD to further my skill set and product knowledge. Both of my sons have also attended the training courses to advance their skill set for our family business. Since 2019, Aronne and Tony have helped me and my sons immensely. No question is a silly question, it's all about furthering your product and application knowledge.

brad, Txture co

Calce Company courses



our certified trainers

Calce Company Courses





Calce Company courses
Calce Company courses




Following your training course, you will still have access to technical support from our expert team at Calce Company. 


In addition to your training, the following features are inclusive of the course fee:

  • A tool kit valued at $250

  • A Calce Company shirt

  • 8 sample boards to work with and take home with you upon completion

  • Drinks, tea, coffee and lunch provided on both training days

  • A certificate of completion

  • How to clean Venetian Plaster?
    We recommend using Beri Calce Wall Cleaner or warm soapy water. In addition, any cleaning products used on decorative finishes must be bleach-free.
  • Can you put decorative finishes in bathrooms?
    We have five products that are specially designed for bathroom usage. Our range is vast for suitability in style and project. Our cementitious range of lime-based Microcements includes Marmorino Floor and Microcement. For a 100% waterproof synthetic product, we offer Microsynth Marble. In commercial environments and flooring that require a product that is durable, we recommend our Forcrete range comprised of Trowel-X and Micro-Quartz.
  • Do you offer colour-matching?
    Yes! We have a current colour range that expands to over 1,950 colours, but we also colour-match many high-end paint manufacturers' colours with our advanced colour lab capabilities. We just need a physical sample sent to our Sydney location.
  • How does the product perform in kitchens?
    In a kitchen, we recommend the use of a polyurethane. In terms of commercial-grade use, we have an epoxy that makes it 7 times stronger than concrete.
  • Is it commercial grade?
    Yes, we have a select range of products that are commercial grade.
  • Can it be used for exteriors?
    Yes, there are certain products such as Vertigo, Microsynth Marble, CHIC Heritage, Intonachino Classico 700, Intonchino Fine 400 and Intonachino Grosso 1200 that can be used for external purposes.
  • How much is it for decorative finishes?
    Being a large range of decorative finishes, it is best to get in contact with us so that we can suggest the best product and applicator. The prices of decorative finishes are supplied and applied with labour included. The price can vary with the product, experience of the Applicator and coats and/or colour.
  • Can your products be used on splashbacks and benchtops?
    We have some selected products that can be applied to splashbacks and bench tops such as Marmorino Floor, Microsynth Marble, Microcement, Trowel-X and Micro-Quartz. These products are food grade, provided the appropriate sealer is used.
  • Are there different styles and finishes available?
    Each product illustrates its own unique aesthetic. Therefore, different products achieve different styles and finishes.Depending on the product chosen and it’s capabilities, different styles and textures can be produced. For suitability contact us directly.
  • Are there any health benefits to your products?
    Our lime-based decorative products have natural breathability, making it an inhospitable surface for bacteria, dust, mould and mildew without the need for chemical additives. In addition, they are extremely low in or completely absent of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The purest product from our range is our Intonachino products.
  • Who can apply your products?
    We highly recommend you utilise a Calce Company certified applicator, that has been trained in Calce Company products. This will ensure that the finish and quality of the samples will be achieved to the same finish that has been approved. In addition, using a certified applicator provides extra reassurance in product warranty.
  • Do you offer free shipping on sample products?
    We only offer free shipping for orders $100 or over. A $20 fee applies for all orders under $100.
  • Do you ship sample products internationally?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping. We currently only ship within Australia.
  • Can I buy your products without doing a Calce Company course?
    We highly recommend training as it provides tailored product knowledge of Calce Company products and an understanding of the application process. Our products are unique in their requirements to obtain a high level of workmanship. Without training, there is no technical and application support or guarantees on the products. Please note, colour-matching is a service provided to Calce Company-trained applicators only.
  • What do I gain from completing a Calce Company course?
    Prioritised and continued support Recognised as a trained applicator by overseas manufacturers, covered by product guarantee Gain an understanding in our products and their application - different products require different knowledge


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