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Applicator OF THE YEAr


We are extremely delighted to launch our new Applicator of the Year Program. This program is specially designed to recognise and showcase each of the Applicator’s outstanding work in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. Each of these chosen states has strong connections with Calce Company. 

matt jamieson


Through his eccentric approach to decorative finishes, Matt has built an esteemed reputation within the industry. His passion and ability to play, push limits and personally create unique samples for his clients have allowed people to choose Render X for upcoming projects.


Involved with the stunning transformation of the Malibu Racquet Club. Located in Burleigh Heads, the once-known tattoo parlour has now turned into a captivating cocktail bar redefining every aspect of the game, through its stylish South Californian vibe.

Gold Coast


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kurt hale

Kurt is highly known and respected in the industry due to his extensive knowledge and proficiency in decorative finishes. His ability to create unique finishes with Venetian plaster has resulted in collaborations with a pool of talented designers and architects to shape some amazingly creative spaces.  

The Pymble Project, where Kurt recently collaborated with a group of talented designers, is a place that exudes a dark and moody atmosphere. This feeling throughout the space was achieved by using decorative finishes, like Marmorino, Glimmerputz and Elite Travertino, it also showcased the influences of South African heritage, whilst having a memorable impact.



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New South Wales
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Clare scanlan 

Over the course of 10 years, Clare has gained qualifications in the field of Fine Art as well as Painting and Decorating. In addition, she has honed her expertise in developing colours for a boutique commerical paint brand. With her skill set and knowledge, Clare is able to create and execute specialised coatings that evoke a deep and memorable feeling towards any space. 


The Beverly rooftop project tapped into the freedom of colours and texture, inspired by the old European frescoes. Wrapped in Liberty Stone and infused with a Le Velature tint, the mural created a mesmerising first impression.  



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South Australia

alistair bowman

Alistair has built a wealth of expertise over the course of his career in the painting and decorating industry, laying the groundwork for the establishment of his decorative finishes enterprise. Since 2018, he has diligently refined his craft in decorative finishes, embarking on unique projects that showcase his ingenuity and passion.


In his collaboration with the Veronika Maine store in Adelaide, Alistair meticulously crafted the perfect coloured textures, breathing life into the project. It was an intricate process of colour matching and texture combinations, culminating in a mesmerising palette capturing the essence of the season.



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