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Applicator OF THE YEAR Program


We are extremely delighted to launch our new Applicator of the Year Program. This program is specially designed to recognise and showcase each of the Applicator’s outstanding work in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Each of these chosen states has strong connections with Calce Company. 


Brad Hartwig

At TXTURE, Brad and his team pride themselves on our aesthetic disciplines and attention to detail. With 30 years of building and construction experience, they endeavour to converge their artistic talents and continue to create spaces with both function and form. The TXTURE team strives to complete commercial and residential projects alongside their custom furniture using lime plasters and premium Microcements from Calce Company. Using Calce Company’s products, the Calmwater Crescent project showcases its true craftsmanship and superb high end finish.   

Gold Coast


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Since landing in Australia in 2016, British lad Adam Slaughter has quickly made a name for himself as the go-to guy for specialty applications. Under the banner of Dope Deco, Adam has collaborated with some of Sydney’s most innovative designers and architects, calling on traditional techniques and modern application styles to deliver on their design vision. Adam loves working with Calce Company’s extensive range of products because there are literally so many textural possibilities that no two jobs are ever the same. Most recently, Adam worked with award-winning interior designer Nina Maya to create a variety of luxury finishes for her Pavilion House, including using Calce Company’s products to replicate the look of chiselled limestone when the original tiles planned for the job fell through.



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Dope Deco
New South Wales

Michael Vowles


Meet Michael from Catela, a highly skilled and passionate artisan with over 14 years experience, he runs a Melbourne based company specialising in decorative finishes. The Catela team typically work on projects such as restoration work, Venetian Plaster, and Microcement. Given his extensive time in business, Michael has the capabilities to execute any project. Working on Mana Made’s Blairgowrie House, the team used Elite Marmorino to bring the space to ​​life through its smooth satin finish. 



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