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Spotlight On: Vertigo

Exterior surfaces are in full force of the elements. In Australia, that means extreme heat, dry winds, wet conditions, urban pollutants and country dust. It's no news that exterior finishes have to be hardy to withstand these elements - but why can't it be beautiful as well?

Enter Vertigo, our highly adaptable, durable and versatile finish.

Vertigo | Arcos
Project: Arcos Villa | Applicator: Fine Coat Solid Plastering

Designed to Last

An acrylic polymer, Vertigo's flexibility allows it to mould to brick, block, blueboard and concrete surfaces, shifting as one with the building's natural movements over time. It won't crack or flake under pressure, giving it a distinct durability advantage over standard render and paint finishes.

Effortlessly Versatile

The flexibility of Vertigo extends far beyond functionality. With a larger granule size, it can achieve over fifteen unique finish styles, including the invitingly modern split stone effect. Versatility in finish textures ensures Vertigo offers a path for every design vision to come to life.

Vertigo | Arcos Villa
Project: Arcos Villa | Applicator: Fine Coat Solid Plastering

Uniquely Aesthetic

The textural experience of Vertigo breathes character into a building no matter the finish chosen. Pair with our uniquely exterior-safe metallic finish, Chic Heritage, for an added element of modern flair.

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