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Now landed: Forcrete

Market-leading Microcement product and system, Forcrete has officially arrived in Australia.

Calce Company is delighted to introduce Forcrete, the highly-innovative Microcement to our existing range. Its addition to our range provides a technologically advanced, 100% waterproof wall and floor coating. Perfectly designed for bathrooms, wet rooms and high-traffic areas.

Calce Company had the pleasure to host Forcrete founder, George for the first two weeks of Forcrete training courses.

Coming from an epoxy background, George's goal was to create a Microcement product and system that is 100% waterproof before the application of sealers, which means no dark water marks and failed bathroom installations.

Two Forcrete products feature in our Mircocement range:


A two-component epoxy resin hybrid cement topcoat available in three finishes, all of which are 100% waterproof before the application of sealers. Can be applied to wet areas, sinks and bathtubs.


Highly durable, large grain, natural stone finish. Visible grains, suitable for high-traffic walls and floors.


Plain finish with subtle tones and movement. Small visible grains, suitable for walls and medium traffic floors.


Fino style finishes with a large range of application styles (stucco effect, two-tone, plain). No visible grains, suitable for bathrooms and low-traffic floors.


A revolutionary product that replicates the exact look and feel of power-floated concrete, whilst only being 3/4mm in total thickness. Specifically designed to be applied on floor surfaces only.

The real game-changing element of Trowel-X is that the surface is finished with an electric power trowel, rather than a standard hand trowel. The result is a concrete aesthetic that simply cannot be achieved when working solely by hand.

Available in both Diamond Polished and Matt sheen levels.

To order samples for Forcrete products, please email

Photography: MIB Visuals

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