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In-depth with Forcrete

Take a deep dive into the world of Forcrete.


About Forcrete

Forcrete stands out for its meticulous application process and remarkable ability to deliver stunning finishes, making it the ultimate choice for long-lasting durability. This advanced microcement is not only highly resilient but also completely waterproof even before sealers are applied. With Forcrete, you get more than just a decorative solution — it's a testament to technological excellence in seamless surface coatings.

The functionality and style of Forcrete

Forcrete provides a range of speciality finishes that suit you or your client's needs. Whether it is a sleek, modern aesthetic look or an industrial vibe, Forcrete has you covered. Besides the aesthetics, their products produce a variety of practical benefits. This includes hard-wearing durability, resistance to stains and easy maintenance - making it a top choice for high-traffic commercial and residential settings, particularly bathrooms and wet rooms.

Here's a little rundown of each product available at Calce Company:


Trowel-X is a revolutionary product, emulating the exact look and feel of power-floated concrete, whilst only being 3mm total thickness. The real game-changing element of Trowel-X is that the surface is finished with an electric power trowel, rather than a standard hand trowel, resulting in a concrete aesthetic that simply cannot be achieved by hand. This allows the aesthetic of the product to be seamless in colour and style, unlike the inconsistency of concrete.

This product is specifically to be applied on floors only. Available in both Diamond Polished and Matt Sheen levels.




Two-component epoxy resin hybrid cement topcoat available in three finishes, all of which are 100% waterproof before the application of sealers. Available in three finishes: smooth, medium and coarse.

Micro-Quartz is flexible and versatile in its application, as it can be applied to sinks and bathtubs.

Applicator: La Casa | Photographer: Katie Wade Studio

Below is a breakdown of the application process of Micro-Quartz for 3 systems:

  1. Walls

  2. Floors

  3. Worktop/Vanity/Sink & Bath

*The system build may vary depending on the substrate and its condition.

Testing Forcrete

Forcrete products meet the highest standards of durability. Take a look below to see how these stains resist fading, cracking, and peeling, to help keep your microcement surfaces looking stunning for years to come, whilst maintaining its vibrant colour and flawless finish.

If you're interested in learning more or have any questions about Forcrete, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us here

photo credit: MIB Visuals | video credit: Forcrete

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