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Calce Company x Nahue


This month, we were super excited and privileged to host Nahue for the very first time in Australia. Applicators across Australia travelled to our state-of-the-art training facility in Wollongong, to learn how to create natural-looking Marble effects using Calce Company products at our sold-out courses. Having completed the 3-day course, the Applicators were taught four of Nahue's different styles that he has executed.

Meet Nahue.

Hailing from Argentina, Nahue is renowned for his outstanding work in Stucco Veneziano & Decorative Art, travelling around the world and teaching people his pioneer skills and techniques.

Calce Company x Nahue

Our mission

We strongly believe that expanding the skills in Australia is very important to the Decorative Finishes industry, as it provides the building blocks for Decorative Finishes to stand as its own trade, rather than an extension of other trades. We encounter many clients that often are disappointed with the outcome of their project, as there is a lack of understanding of the importance of hiring a high-quality and trained applicator. At Calce Company, it's our mission to build on industry knowledge and raise the bar in Australia, but also make Australia ahead of the curve.

Here's a little inside look...

We like to thank those who made the Calce Company x Nahue course a success, and we hope to deliver more to you in the future.

For Nahue, we hope you enjoyed your time in Australia, and we can't wait to catch up in the future.

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