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How to clean Venetian Plaster?

We recommend to use Beri Calce Wall Cleaner or warm soapy water. In addition, any cleaning products used on decorative finishes must be bleach free. 

Can you put decorative finishes in bathrooms?

What colours can I choose from?

We have a current colour range of 1950 colours (NCS INDEX fan deck), but we can also match custom colours.

How does the product perform in kitchens?

In a kitchen, we recommend the use of a polyurethane. In terms of commercial grade use, we have an epoxy which makes it 7 times stronger than concrete meeting the commercial grade durability.

Is it commercial grade?

Can it be used for exteriors?

Yes, there are certain products such as Vertigo, Intonachino Classico 700, Intanchino Fine 400 and Intonachino Grosso 1200 that can be used for external purposes. 

How much is venetian plaster?

Being a large range of decorative finishes, it is best to get in contact with us so that we can suggest the best product and applicator.

The prices of decorative finishes are supply and apply with labour included. The price can vary with product, experience of applicator and coats and/or colour.