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Insider: Microcement

Microcement is a buzzword that has been thrown around a lot lately, we want to shed some light on the differences between microcement products and what product is suitable for you and your project.

Marmorino Floor | Ruin X
Project: Ruin X | Applicator: Render X

What is Microcement?

Microcement is a specialised decorative coating that is formulated from cement, minerals and water-based resins, creating a durable, water-resistant finish. It is specially designed to suit commercial and residential spaces, where it can be applied to various materials such as tiles, plaster, concrete and many others. Its versatile properties are suited to moderate to high-traffic interior areas, bathrooms and sheltered exterior spaces.

At Calce Company, we currently offer five variations of Microcement products, including Forcrete, a market -leading Microcement. All our Microcement products can be tinted to any colour to suit your project.

Venetian Plaster or decorative products are more cost effect than microcement products. They are typically used for wall application only and they do not have the durability or waterproof properties necessary for spaces such as floors, bathrooms or furniture.

A trained professional is essential to do Microcement, we highly recommend that when you are researching a suitable product that you consider the applicators previous knowledge in products. Not all microcement products are the same and require different understandings in the application process.





Marmorino Floor

Lime, hydraulic binders and grinded marble


Interior, Sheltered Exterior, Wet Areas


Lime, hydraulic binders and grinded marble


Interior, Sheltered Exterior, Wet Areas, Furniture

Microsynth Marble

Synthetic paste + Carrara marble powders


Interior, Sheltered Exterior, Wet Areas


Epoxy resin hybrid

High Heavy

Interior, Sheltered Exterior, Wet Areas, Bathtub and Sink


Epoxy resin hybrid

High Heavy

Industrial, Interior, Sheltered Exterior, Floors only

Combines the depth of beautiful marble textural effects, making its beauty incomparable with any other Microcement finish on the market, as no other finish will compete with the subtle blooming of Marmorino Floor.

Marmorino Floor | Ruin X
Project: Ruin X | Applicator: Render X

Our new Microcement is a very subtle product with a soft blooming and slightly textured appearance. It is reminiscent of a Soft Stone effect, with the properties of a durable and waterproof surface. Due to its high durability, Microcement is perfect for high-traffic and commercial spaces.

Project: Calce Company HQ | Applicator: Custom Finishes Sydney

Microsynth Marble is constructed from selected Carrara marble powders and grits. A hand-troweled product that is reminiscent of Venetian Marble, and can be applied with any trowel never leaving black marks. It can also be finished in a monolithic way that emulates troweled concrete for a more soft and subtle look. The finish is completely waterproof and ideal for spaces such as bathrooms, commercial floors and bench tops.

Microsynth Marble
Project: Atoure Moda Jewellery | Applicator: Bespoke Plaster Finishes

4. Micro-Quartz

Its beauty is made from a two-component, hybrid cement that is effortlessly flexible and waterproof. This timeless product can be available in Coarse, Medium, and Smooth. A solid design for a range of commercial and residential spaces, including bathrooms, shower recesses, floors, and bench tops.

Product: Micro-Quartz

5. Trowel-X

Highly versatile and durable, Trowel-X is a unique Microcement finish that combines the modern minimalist style of a polished concrete effect, that will form an artful experience in your space. Perfectly designed to suit commercial and residential flooring spaces.

Product: Trowel-X

Three things you didn't know about Microcement.

1. Timing is key

Curing is an essential step in Microcements, this ensures the longevity of its functionality and performance. What does that mean really?

Our lime-based microcements have genuine and natural properties making them fully breathable, they can absorb moisture right up until the two-pack polyurethane is applied. When considering Microcement in your projects allow for appropriate time frames.

All microcement products require precise conditions to apply and proceed to the step, allowing for appropraite time frames and conditions is essential.

2. A little TLC will go a long way

Continued care for Microcement floors will provide years of superior performance and satisfaction.

  • Regularly sweep or vacuum with an anti-static dust control mop.

  • Use water and PH neutral soaps to clean the floor's surface. Avoid abrasive cleaners, solvents, bleach, steam mops, steel wool, and/or scouring powder.

  • On cemitiscious microcements special care must be taken when shoes with exposed heels with sharp points are worn, as it can damage the hard floor surface.

  • Use felt pads on furniture legs to ensure protection.

  • Know your appropriate maintenance for the product you have chosen.

Watch below the clean up and spot repair of Trowel-X

3. There is 3ml of coatings applied in 6-8 steps

Microcement finishes are very technical, and accuracy is important. We always recommend a project be completed by a trained professional. Each layer is applied very thin, typically a maximum of 3ml in total and the process involves 6-8 steps. They include:

  1. Primer

  2. Base Coat

  3. Base Coat

  4. Top Coat

  5. Top Coat

  6. Sealer

  7. Sealer

  8. Sealer

If you would like to learn more about our Microcements, visit our website.

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